is it grass fed and grass finished?

Yes, our cattle are grass fed and grass finished. They are not ever fed grain.

do your cattle get antibiotics/hormones?

No, we do not administer antibiotics or hormones. If an animal requires an antibiotic, they are removed from the beef production herd.

do the animals get any supplements?

We feed mineral salt and grass hay when necessary.

when is the next butcher date?

We are now selling beef for Summer and Fall butcher dates. 

do you deliver?

No. We do not offer delivery at this time. Products may be picked up at our ranch pick up location.

where can we buy canyon valley beef?

We have products available at The Free Range Exchange in Post, All Hale Meats in Wolfforth, and at our ranch pick up location. 

Pick up locations for orders are near Abilene, Amarillo, and Lubbock.


We do not offer shipping at this time. It is something that we are working toward.

what do you have available in stock?

We have Whole Animal Ground, German Sausage, and Jalepeno German Sausage available year round. Other items may be available as well. Contact us for more details. 

how do we order whole, half, or quarter animal?

– Visit our PRODUCTS page to purchase a whole, half, or quarter animal and make your selections.

– To pay by check or cash, please email info@canyonvalleyprovisions.com and we would be glad to get things started for you!

Do you have other products available?

We have other seasonal items available such as grass fed and grass finished lamb that can be purchased as a whole animal and butchered to your liking. Email info@canyonvalleyprovisions.com for more information.